Official hotels to Venue and back

There will be FREE TRANSFERS between the hall and all official hotels. Except hotel Grand, which is a walk distance.

Airport to Hotels and back

Prices depending on number of people. Please fill in the transfer request form and send it back to e-mail:

Approximate prices for 1way transfer Airport Prague -> Hradec Kralove (or back) that we can arrange for you:

Microbus   8 people     6.800,- CZK (approx. 250Eur)

Microbus   18 people   8.000,- CZK (approx. 300Eur)

Microbus   23 people   9.000,- CZK (approx. 335Eur)

Bus           34 people   9.000,- CZK (approx. 335Eur)

Bus          49 people    9.500,- CZK (approx. 355Eur)

Bus          57 people    10.300,- CZK (approx. 385Eur)