Competitors limit per nation per category

– Men/Women’s individual category 20-39 years – max 4 competitors/nation. Every organization can register 4 participants for the competition. In some countries we have more than one organization and they can each send 4 competitors for the individual categories, however for all team categories, each country can only send one team.
– All other individual categories – max 8 competitors/nation.
– Kata and kumite team categories – all ages – 1 team/nation.
– Kumite and Kata team juniors is from 15 – 17 years, some as for World Championships.

Organization of contests of categories

– Kata masters category, if there is less than 3 competitors, category will be canceled and competitors can move to kata masters of younger category.
– Kata team will be held for 2 rounds, semifinal and final by point system, if there are more than 8 teams. If there is 8 and less teams, there will be 1 round. If there is any draw in semifinal, teams must perform different kata. If there is a draw in final, teams can perform kata from semifinal. So 2 katas must be prepared in total.
– Kumite individuals and teams will be held as a flag system without repassage for 1 third place.
– Male kumite team category 20-39 years – will have 5+2 members, all other kumite team categories 3+1 members. Juniors age 18 and 19 can be chosen for the senior kumite teams.
– In the first round, the teams must start with 5 (3) competitors. in the follwowing rounds they may continue with less fighters.
– First round of kumite team – all members fight, even if there are 3 wins after 3 matches in the same team. Next rounds fight only competitors until there is a team win (e.g. 3 fights from 5).
– In the first round, a team must have a full team (5 / 3 fighters), if one gets injured, they can still fight, if they have the possibility to still win (3 / 2 fighters). In the first and second round, all fighters will fight their match.
– When there is a hikiwake in kumite then starts enchosen, if enchosen is hikiwake then starts sai-shiai. Both are 2 minutes for the senior category.

KYU/DAN start conditions

– 17 year and younger – brown belt accepted
– 18 year and older – only DAN holders (registered at SKIF)

SKIF Membership

Please remember that all participants must be SKIF members and register WITH their Dan number (from 18 years and above).

Protectors for kumite categories

– Hand protectors and teeth protectors are obligatory.
– Body protectors for cateories 15 years and younger are allowed ( but not compulsory), older categories forbidden.
– Shin and foot guards are forbidden.
– Chest protectors for any female categories are allowed (worn UNDER the karategi), for male forbidden.
– Face mask is forbidden.
– Groin protectors are allowed.
– Hijabs are forbidden as they present a danger to the competitor and her opponent. Only caps are allowed, please refer to the website of SKIF HQ (
– T-Shirt worn by female athletes under their karategi must be white.
– Hand protectors – all white. The preferred provider for gloves is Hisho. Other gloves must be similar to the Hisho model and must be shown to the Referee Committee prior to the competition to receive approval.
– Teeth protector – only white or transparent gum shields without any markings are allowed.

Starting in different age category

– It is forbidden to start in the age category that is not same as competitor’s age. Year of birth is relevant (not the day of birth).
– Competitor of individual category cadets of 14-15 year can also start in the junior kata team category of age 15-17 year, but only if they are 15-17 years old.
– Competitor of individual category 18-19 year can start in kata and kumite team 20-39years.
– Competitors of any masters individual category can start in kata team masters 40+.
– Competitors of masters category +50years can not start in kumite team 40-49 years.


There will be an annual fee per membership country/organization. The size of the fee will be decided at the annual meeting of the membership countries/organizations. Membership countries/organizations pay for three years at a time. If a membership country/organization or associated country do not pay the annual fee, the country/organization cannot vote at yearly general meeting of SKIEF and cannot participate in SKIEF European Championships.

SKIEF European Championships will be held every 3rd year. (2014, 2017, 2020,…)  Participants can only be membership countries/organizations and associated countries. For countries with more than one organization, only one team is allowed. For individual disciplines maximum 4 fighters per organization/discipline.